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note to all “transmedia Storysellers” who pine on about narratives and story matters  etc….

“And so are our media, made newly social. Facebook and Twitter and Google+ and all the rest swim with time’s flow, rather than attempting to stanch it. And they are, despite that but mostly because of it, increasingly defining our journalism. They are also, as it were, McLuhanesque. (Google+: extension of man.) Because if McLuhan is to be believed, the much-discussed and often-assumed human need for narrative — or, at least, our need for narrative that has explicit beginnings and endings — may be contingent rather than implicit. Which means that as conditions change, so may — so will — we. We may evolve past our need, in other words, for containment, for conclusions, for answers.”

this aint gonna go over well with you writers trying to cash in on transmedia futures.. but hey. enjoy the ride.

Megan, i “feel” you.;)


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Yeah,  I couldnt believe it either. Other than one reference to some “rich like me”  pyramid scheme book, none of the transmediates has “coined” the term yet and is babbling it all around LA. So considering I “did” most of the stuff you’all are doing this decade, in the last one, it seemed a good to grab. So I did.

Storyselling 101. I’ll be planning the seminars next.  Really.

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Welcome to the Obvious

Hey, I didnt make it this way… but once some geeks made it so that every word (idea) on the networks got a penny attached to its click or datastream path and you all loved it… we got here.

transmedia- ccc- c3 – whatever- has always been formed from the media it uses. And this one is electric and 24/7 and owned by those who like to control everything.

You can get all hippy betterverse and edutainment “for the children” as you like… but we’re all forced by the medium we all agree on.. money, to be selling something…

So buck up, and admit it, you’re a storyseller. And now you’re finally broke enough to have to figure out what that networked PC or Video game console, or cell phone can be used for…

See you at a conference…;)

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