Since Ive now provoked the “ban” from both  “COMMUNITIES” of one. ok maybe 2 posters, or 65 likes.;) Ill move my thoughts to here.  I dont ban, I dont “edit”  those who disagree with my ideas.  I also dont offer  “civility” while taking “private” control via “non privacy means like facebook or hidden emails” . But you all can read all the blogs posts in the context they offer.

 Transmedia. Just like the old media, bought and sold. Im Good with that;)

and the facebook “dialog” that considers LIKE a debate  🙂

Find the points of value made by its writer and some of its few commenters, but i suggest that you take notice of the writer who believes the “message is the medium.” and used a FACEBOOK “fan -group” method  for “constructing” a  “COMMUNITY”   that I , obviously not part of, could enter easily to LIKE  but  not speak “critical to points with my conviction strong” without the risk of being banned.

I wont be the first banned, 🙂  and Brooke, maybe i should post youre email “schooling” me here? Social media LIKE and all.;)?

Oh, and Brooke my hide is plenty tough from online shenigans and “thought leaders” that ive confronted over the years..yes. 20 plus years.  So what about  about that troubles you?

Im gonna leave facebook to my relatives , real friends and  rejected farmville cows. And Brooke, Ill be leaving your forum for one that has more than your idea of community values expressed and encouraged.  which of my comments at your blog were so “requiring of thick skin to read” ? why does hollywoods usage of the word “transmedia” threaten you so? 

WE create “Transmedia!?”– well, what about the OTHER?  They will come soon enough. In fact they already have.  Right on time.

PS- Brian, i did think that youre “LIKE” of my “troll comment” was wink -“sincere to its satirical-but serious points nature”..but then the ban hammer hit…. that ISNT the mediums message…and Brookes email to me, and her threats to ban me from a non substantial community forum.( no posters but 4) suggest that the LIKE interface tells some a different story.  Again, tough skin isnt my problem… and perhaps not yours either…. but “tough” when “actually expereinced via  “facebook” or the “overally mothered forum” –show’s those mediums failings…  and yes, no matter what the message is, the interface will interfere…… all interfaces do that by their nature. BUT im under no “law of facebook ”  not yet. god help us:)


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Writers Search for Transmedia Story in 2010.

I should go deeper into the ideas in this post, but Im tired and Ill let the medium be the medium and rely on “comments” and “replies” to expand my thoughts if anyone wants to get into it. I am expanding some thoughts based on some back and forth in a horribly placed facebook thread on transmedia storytelling etc, that i got into. Ill link it later…–updated:

So overview of thoughts. Writers….write. they write stories with words. They are being enamored with “gold in those darn hills” this year by the same things that got them to leave NY for CA in 1950s. Plays and Novels were dead paying mediums, TV and Films were making them a living or rich out west… so they went. Eventually a new type of professional was born, screen writer. But as we saw,  only a few became masters at it. it was new, it required different thinking and bias.

Transmedia by definition “i thought” was -“trans -media”  –multiple across many mediums- and “story” so it seems to me is the core from writing- narrative linear communication.  So Storytelling (idea transfer)–StorySelling( + economics) goes beyond writing and can of course be expressed in images, audio, and interactions. Its this pallette that allows for transmedia actions to occur and be experienced by a viewser/s.

Writers keep telling us that GOOD Transmedia is Story driven. I disagree. I see most successful Transmedia Ips today becoming less an less story-written required. IM NOT saying this is a GOOD thing, but the outcome of decades of electric/ now networked digital media. But that gets us into a whole other conversation, let’s just yack about some of the most basic “transmedia memes” that have been flowing past me on the web for the last year or so..OK?

Let’s hope one day I can run a panel or get a discussion going truthfully about this. A great mechanism would be that panel that has the creators of these 3 often used examples of “transmedia” online taking part and discussing the real beginning of the IPs of STAR WARS, TRON and the Matrix.

All used FILM as their Core Media Sell- Experience and the idea of STORY quality can be examined with the 3 to find any truth to the STORY as Key for successfull transmedia ip  meme.

My rough  thoughts on the 3 IPs :

Star Wars ( and i speak of first 77 movie alone, all star wars universe we know came later-really;0)  Was the most successfull in terms of impact and dollars, fans etc… had the most simple mythic story, kinda badly written for both audience of adults and actors to say;) but was visually “new and stunning” to mass audience, as well as it had ” good toy -play potential” as an IP..

TRON; which IMO was the most fully transmedia Ip thinking of the 3– had the most intergrated “play potential”- all those grid games – but suffered becuase of not the derivative star wars wrting-story.. but becuase its visuals( core film medium) were too “outhere” for the mainstream non geek cmp science audience on 1980… they needed dirty spaceships… not geometric expressionism:) ( bravo syd mead for doing both)  So Tron failed to make superstar transmedia IP levels.. not because of bad storytelling, but bad visual connect with mass audience… the Video games BTW- pure gold..pure to their medium— the trans worked for that media;)- they the games -played-, were the reason that 30 years later the IP is revived from history.

The Matrix- in all ways it had the most complex writing and story offered. So much that each sequel lost its main mediated mass of gen y geeks  more and more upon there release…The world presented-written  didn’t make for as good as games as Tron (though both used similar vr themes) and the real success of the movie to a mass was its visual style of bullet cams and anime fu choreagraphy. The toys/character visuals weren’t as diverse via “iconography”  as star wars or even its transmedia play wouldn’t reach as deep as those IPS with  younger generations.. it was also written for an older IQ…. more fail for them I guess but again more writing work for writers in more written media around VR culture…literates rejoice.

So that’s a rough blog post making some thoughts that really need a 2 hr panel discussion… so lets do it in SF, invite me, pay for my hotel and flight. And lets get Lucas, Brothers Wachowski, and Lisberger on panel and lets rip apart the “story” thing…

But then we can bring on JK Rowling to show that written story- CAN be core media for a transmedia major success, but that it’s really tough and that masters of words into story that can create transmedia ips are very rare indeed. A good question though to ask her and the audience would be their thoughts on what do they think the CORE memory of Harry Potter will be in 50-100 years, the Novels or the Movies. Which would be the fodder for the Transmedia projects of 2060?. Crazy? well what Frankenstein do you think of today? Mary’s or Boris’s — and which would you INVEST in today, Mr/Ms. StorySeller;) ?

use this medium.. i post all non spam comments.


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Education in the Age of Media – Television Version 1.0

Just a quick thought based upon the “last regular” Oprah show from this friday. She invited her favorite “story” guests back to the show. Her final guest was a women who went from the desolation of Africa , where she was never to be educated, to the US, where in 20 years she made her “dreams” happen and is now a PHD in agricultural science. Her final dream, now to be “realized”with the assistance of oprahs millions is to build a school back in her home village. By 2015 the school should begin educating 2000 more like her… bravo.

The show and Oprah’s place in culture for the last 25 years became obvious now to me.. she’s America’s School Marm for Adults… adults who educated on Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers as children, needed an adult continueing education  teacher in the basics of  human living in the age of media.

Born of video and global villages , Oprah fit the bill perfectly as the Teacher for this generation of latch key adults who may have gotten some alphabet and math and some “people” skills early on from PBS.. but who needed a continuation of being taught via media and a way to perpetualize their adolecense. It was Oprah who declared 50 was the new 30 , which kinda makes the point. She also helped elect her baby genxer brother, Barak to student council president;)

So there’s a quick transmedia cause and affect of storyselling techniques. The clever “new” transmedia of the Childrens Televison workshop in the late 60’s, for good or bad, directly created the need for an adult ed teacher later on in life for many genx-y’ ers. And when the time came they found Oprah to continue the transmedia ways of teaching “life lessons” in the TV media age ways.

Now that we move to the network interwebs of interactivity and immersion of the singular, and as new forms of education will be sold as the old classrooms are being forced to fail due to no economic support, a new form of teaching will occur, and then a new Oprah will arrive for that i-generations  child-adults of tommorrow…. What form Oprah 2.0 will take in 20 years will be very interesting.  Interactive, electric and always a teacher? A product or a Prophet ? Strange days ahead.   Whatya think?

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Yeah,  I couldnt believe it either. Other than one reference to some “rich like me”  pyramid scheme book, none of the transmediates has “coined” the term yet and is babbling it all around LA. So considering I “did” most of the stuff you’all are doing this decade, in the last one, it seemed a good to grab. So I did.

Storyselling 101. I’ll be planning the seminars next.  Really.

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Welcome to the Obvious

Hey, I didnt make it this way… but once some geeks made it so that every word (idea) on the networks got a penny attached to its click or datastream path and you all loved it… we got here.

transmedia- ccc- c3 – whatever- has always been formed from the media it uses. And this one is electric and 24/7 and owned by those who like to control everything.

You can get all hippy betterverse and edutainment “for the children” as you like… but we’re all forced by the medium we all agree on.. money, to be selling something…

So buck up, and admit it, you’re a storyseller. And now you’re finally broke enough to have to figure out what that networked PC or Video game console, or cell phone can be used for…

See you at a conference…;)

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