A Reply from a while back… “Everything is becoming a story” well maybe not.


“So much of the geekitude I hear in different settings these days is about insisting on telling “a story”. They are more fictional than ever! Everything is becoming “a story”.


 “this is the great delusion of those wanting power by “internet” means possible;) It’s “interface” and thus the “medium” cant TELL a story…. everything is a ADD “click”. there is no start, no 2nd act, no end. Machines only act on the code of the nansecond. ethics are dead because they assume a 2nd act.. cause and effect… the illusion of no effect– the “reality of virtuality” ah.. when enough GET THIS . well have a hope… maybe the schizophenic media on cable tv. IS the 2nd act of the Mcluhan media of TV age… that for 40 years went unexamined or misundetood… assasination,colorful(peacock nbc) hippies,watergate, vietnam, 9-11, reagan, clinton. and bushes burning;)… 40 years of reality tv media STORIES…. and reality became transformed…and now replaced and deleted.. speakers at conferences like this are scary stupid… and no differnt than those who talked about the vast “wasteland on network tv” 40 years ago.. they miss the real story of us… and maybe in 40 years, after weve clicked our way back to fuedal tribes fighting with virus’s and despot kings with hermetivcally sealed castles and electric firewalls…. theyll get to a point to understand the medium of humans and their mediations… life as a reapeat of a never seen television early broadcast.;)”


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